Redkite Training Solutions Deliver Another Excellent Course for Teachers

Redkite Training Solutions have been delivering a Emergency First Aid at Work course for teachers who teach kids with autism.  We also delivered as part of their course Epipen training.

Some of the feedback –  ”Excellent delivery with appropriate sense of humour”, “simple explanations about physiology which help techniques make sense”, “Interesting and insightful”, “dispelling some of the myths about first aid”.

The New Standard For First Aid Kits Is Now In Force…. BS8599

Not everyone is aware that there is a British Standard for first aid kits and many are falling short of the requirement.

The old standard
This standard replaces the BHTA-HSE kits 10, 20 and 50 person first aid kits most employers currently have in the workplace.

The New Contents include:
•   Nitrile Gloves – more quantity
•   Plasters – more quantity
•   Wipes – more quantity (specification is sterile and now must meet the European CE marking rules)
•   Medium and Large Dressings – fewer quantities
•   Triangular Bandages – fewer quantities
•   Finger Dressings – complete with an easy-fix adhesive tab
•   Burns Gel Dressing – modern burns gel dressing is added to meet the risk of burns, along with a
conforming bandage to attach and retain it.
•   Adhesive Tape – an easy and inexpensive way to secure dressings and bandages. Safety pins are retained, allowing users a choice of application
•   Shears – for cutting clothing around wound sites to allow first aid treatment.
•   Foil Emergency Blanket – clinical shock presents one of the most serious life threatening risks to a casualty. Foil blankets enable first aiders to keep the casualty dry and warm.
•   Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation Device – incorporating a plastic one way valve, protects the first aider from infection from body fluid pathogens.
•   Eye Wash – ideal for travelling workers.
•   First Aid Guidance Leaflet – with latest HSE guidance.

What kits are available?
There are three sizes of kits, workplace small, medium, large.

What size is required?
Employers must assess their first aid needs to decide what the hazards are, the number of staff working on and off the premises etc.

Redkite Training Solutions can supply you with the most up to date first aid boxes to ensure that you fulfill this standard, why not contact us at or call us on 07760177069.

Specialist First Aid Course with amazing results

Redkite Training Solutions has just finished delivering a bespoke first aid course for a riding for the disabled school and here are some of the comments from the delegates:

“Really well done course, Interesting throughout – the time flew. I really enjoyed it”
“Most easily understood course I have been on”
“I now have the confidence to treat someone appropriately”
“Good fun, made learning easy”

If you want a course like this one then contact us on