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First Aid Requirements

First Aid Requirements : Ensure that your first aid training meets the requirements for Health and Safety with a course from Redkite Training Solutions

As a business, your goal is to strive to have the necessary requirements met for your employees. Professions such as healthcare, childcare, restaurants, as well as certain public services require a level of first aid training be offered to employees. It is therefore critical that when choosing a training provider that you choose one who meets the new requirements of Health and Safety Executive and the skills for health agenda. Before choosing a First Aid Requirements course provider, consider the following points.

What qualifications does the trainer possess?

The first question that you must address is if the trainer is qualified to teach. Just because a person claims to have the skills to provide first aid at work training, does not necessarily mean that the person has the minimum requirements set forth by the HSE and skills for health to provide that service. According to the Health and Safety Executive report on Selecting a first-aid training provider, trainers must:

  • Have FAW certification


  • Be registered as a Doctor with the GMC
  • Have registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • Have registration with the HCPC

Trainers must be able to present evidence of registration and competency in their field through appropriate certifications including not only education training but experience certification and credits. Level 3 – 5 Educational and Training certification is ideal as well as nursing mentorship qualifications.  All trainers used by Redkite meet these requirements and more.

Does the course duration meet the required hours?

There are two different types of first aid courses which are typically provided and knowing which you require is essential in ensuring that you are getting the proper training. These two options are:

  1. First Aid at Work – this training is a bit more complex than the emergency first aid at work course. The training required for a First Aid at Work course is a minimum of 18 hours spread out over a minimum of 3 days. Note that requalification is reduced to 12 hours but must be offered over the course of two days minimum. Any provider that claims to be able to recertify or provide First Aid at Work training in a one-day span of time is doing so in error. Such does not meet the requirements and such facilities and trainers should be avoided.
  1. Emergency First Aid at Work – Training in this course covers the basics needed for a business to operate with first aid training (such as CPR training). The course does not go into as much depth as the First aid at work course and as such does not require nearly as much time to complete. However, there is a minimum of 6 hours to the course. EFAW training courses can be renewed with a day course, but the requirements are the same.

What material will be covered in my training course?

Just as important as the type of course, is the quality of the information which is being provided. Your course must cover the appropriate topics depending on whether you choose to have a FAW or a EFAW training course. In EFAW training the learner should be able to understand the responsibilities of the first aider, be able to assess an incident, manage an unresponsive casualty who is breathing normally and one that is not breathing normally, respond to choking, administer control of external bleeding, recognize and administer first aid to a person in shock, and provide first aid for minor injuries. FAW training should cover all of the points of EFAW with the addition of being able to do head to toe surveys of a casualty, administer first aid for fractures, treat head and spinal injuries, treat chest injuries, administer first aid to burns and scalds, administer first aid to eye injuries, identify and treat poisoning, treat anaphylaxis, and provide first aid for major illnesses and injury.

What will my Certificate contain?

Once you have completed your training, you should get certification that meets the standard of the HSE. Certification should include:

  • The name of the training organisation (Such as Redkite Training Solutions)
  • The name of the candidate
  • The title of the qualification (either FAW or EFAW)
  • Affirmation that the certificate has been issued to comply with the Health and Safety First Aid Regulations 1981
  • Confirm that the certification is only valid for 3 years (have an expiration date present on the certificate)
  • Have a statement declaring that the course met the standards set forth for accepted first-aid practices

Redkite Training Solutions meets and exceeds HSE standards

If you are in the Berkshire area and need to obtain training in either First Aid at Work training or Emergency First Aid at Work training, please consider Redkite Training Solutions. Our trainers and our course has been designed to meet and exceed the regulations for first aid training. All of our classes have a maximum size of 1 trainer to 12 delegates, 1 CPR training manikin to 3 delegates and meets the recommended 18 hour course (for First aid at work training).

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