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Why your business needs to take a fire safety training course

Employees must have fire safety training. Ensure you get your course from the right place

In 2006 the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 was implemented requiring fire safety training to enforcing authorities. And where the enforcement is primarily oriented to the Fire and Emergency sector, any business of all genres are responsible to some level. The order states that training needs to be given in areas where fire precaution equipment is present. As all businesses are required to have some form of fire prevention measures in place, you can see how a fire course is a necessity for all. Whether you are an organization of several employees, or a self-employer who has five employees, it is your responsibility and duty to your employees and patrons to understand proper fire safety.

Why is a fire course needed?

Emergencies have a tendency to cause people to respond in rash ways. According to H. Barlow of Boston University[1], crippling fear is caused when our minds give an overreaction to the events of daily life. Because of Pyrophobia people “are unable to tolerate even well-controlled small fires and often exhibit physical symptoms, like dizziness when coming in contact with fire.”[2] The resulting consequences of this fear is an increase in injury and death. By training employees and those enforcing the fire safety of an establishment, the margin for injury and/or death from fire is dramatically reduced.

Fire Awareness Course

Article 8 of the Regulatory Reform states that the workplaces are to access the likelihood of a fire and to ensure that general fire precautions are in place to ensure safety. These precautions are inclusive Fire Awareness training. Article 21 states that any business which has more than 5 employees must ensure that the employees “are provided with adequate training and record this”. Training must be conducted by persons which Comply to the Fire Risk Assessment Supplementary Guide: Means of Escape for Disabled People.

Fire Awareness courses should cover the basics of how to be competent in basic fire safety matters. Courses typically include:

  • Current Legislation
  • Basic Fire Prevention
  • Fire Hazards
  • Evacuation in the event of a fire
  • Duties of a competent (enforcing) person

In order to be compliant with the fire safety course regulations, courses should be span two hours consecutively. Content is likely to vary depending on the type of business and the persons which are involved in the course. However, all fire awareness courses should at minimum cover the topics listed above. If smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are not covered in your course, employers should strongly consider having a training course on the topic to increase fire safety awareness.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Where evacuation and a basic understanding is needed in a business, the ability to properly use a fire extinguisher is a critical bit of training for every employee. In order to ensure that employees understand the proper use of this piece of fire safety equipment, it recommended (and If applicable to your business it may be required) that employers train employees in the proper handling and use of fire extinguishers. As fires vary in their makeup (meaning that a gas fire is different than a grease fire or electrical fire) focus should also be given to the proper extinguishers to use in different classes of fires.

Fire Marshall / Warden Training

Organisations and companies which require the presence of an enforcing authority for their business must comply with the standards of Fire Safety Order 2005. Fire Marshal and Warden Training is the most encompassing of the fire safety courses available. These classes are 3 hours in duration and cover Fire Awareness, Fire Extinguisher Training, as well as the other points specified in the Regulatory Reform such as having suitably trained staff, a fire evacuation plan, removing fire hazards, and detecting potential fire risks.

Use Redkite Training Solutions to meet your training needs

If your business currently needs a record of Fire Training Safety or if you’re training has expired and you need to renew your safety training, consider Redkite Training Solutions. The staff of Redkite ensures that all of their courses cover the standards set forth in the Fire Safety Order 2005. Where the various classes offered cover different levels of training, you can be confident in knowing that the course you choose will be taught by someone that is creditable and recognized as being an authority on the subject. At the end of the course, you will receive the corresponding record for your business/employees.

To find out more information about the Fire Safety Training offered by Redkite Training Solutions, visit the Fire Safety Section of the Site or contact them directly at 0800 756 9414.