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Redkite Training Solutions provides everyday we live our lives not knowing what happens next. Obviously most of us plan ahead but every so often we hit a hurdle. For the things beyond our control, it is always best to be prepared and have knowledge for whatever concern may come our way.

First Aid Training That Makes A Difference

Well it would seem that our first aid training really does work – a person life was saved last week due to our 3 day First Aid at Work training courses that we deliver to a construction company putting in the underground tunnels in London.

The comment that has come back from the client is:

Money cant buy a life. But it can buy good training.

So come on one of our courses and make the difference – First Aid Training for everyone

First Aid Training That Really is First Class.

Our 2 day outdoor first aid training courses are first class and also have experienced outdoor professionals with front-line ambulance experience.  This is what sets us apart from many of our competitors as our trainers have done the job.

Here is the feedback from one of our delegates on one of these courses:

Belinda Blackwell  –  Manager at Wokingham Waterside Centre

Adrian provides great First Aid Courses relevant to individual work places and needs. He has the rare ability of making life saving learning fun and memorable.


Highly Recommended

Our client recommendations are really important to us at Redkite Training Solutions and we always go that extra mile to ensure that our clients needs are met.  Here is a recommendation that shows this:-

Chris Hanks the Golf Operations Manager at Castle Royle Golf and Country Club –

Adrian is an enthusiastic and highly skilled trainer, who has an unique ability in making his course interesting and involving everyone.
Adrian is a very personable guy who takes great care and has a great passion for what he does
I would highly recommend Adrian as trainer to anyone.

Ensure you get a quality training experience and use Redkite Training Solutions to deliver your training.

New rules to improve support to children with medical conditions in school

A group of national health charities have welcomed new statutory guidance to improve support in schools to over 1 million children with long-term medical conditions such as asthma, heart disease, cancer, Type 1 diabetes, stroke, coeliac disease and anaphylaxis.

Redkite Training Solutions welcomes these changes to improve support for children with medical conditions, as it has for some time been training first aid to teachers in schools and these new guidelines will certainly help to deliver a more comprehensive and needs led approach to teacher first aid  training and specifically the anaphylaxis training that we deliver.

The new statutory guidance was issued to schools on Thursday 15th May by the Government following its landmark decision last year to amend the Children and Families Act so that from September schools in England will be legally required to provide the high quality support children with medical conditions need.

The guidance for the new law is statutory and sets out the practical support schools will be expected to provide to support children with medical conditions, such as making sure they have individual healthcare plans in place and training and support for school staff.

The charities, who form the Health Conditions in Schools Alliance, represent over a million children with health needs. They called for this legal protection as under the current system while many schools already offer excellent support for children with health conditions, there are too many examples where children with health needs are prevented from meeting their full educational potential as a result of ill health, bullying, and stigma at school.

Some children also face discrimination in relation to school trips and extra-curricular activities, which means they are effectively excluded from leading a full and active school life. In addition, some schools fail to support the social and emotional implications associated with medical conditions.

The charities are calling on schools to implement the Government’s new guidance and work with parents, local authorities and health services to help ensure children with medical conditions can get the high quality support they need in school.