Redkite Training Solutions Lifesaving Skill

Redkite Training Solutions Lifesaving Skill

Redkite Training Solutions Lifesaving Skill

Want to learn a lifesaving skill? Redkite Training Solutions offers first aid training whether for your work or personal needs. Who knows, you could help save a life.

First aid saves lives
First aid is a life skill that everyone should have some understanding of and it is not that difficult to learn. Many deaths may have been prevented had first aid been carried out before the arrival of the emergency medical services.

Research has shown that people in the UK lack the confidence or skills to provide basic first aid in an emergency situation. This can lead to unnecessary deaths and life changing conditions for some people. First Aid is a skill that should be taught from an early age and should be practised on a regular basis.

Redkite Training Solutions Lifesaving Skill – What can I learn?

There are lots of first aid skills you can learn, from being able to help someone who is having a heart attack to being able to react to someone choking. There are so many first aid scenarios that training can help you to become more confident to be able to deal with them in a competent way.

Could you:
· Turn someone who is breathing but unconscious into a position that ensures that they can continue to breath and not get worse?
· Treat someone with a deep cut to their head?
· Carry out CPR on someone who is in cardiac arrest?

Redkite Training Solutions Lifesaving Skill – How can I learn?

First Aid is a practical skill and in our opinion the best way to learn it is with a qualified trainer who can take you through at your own pace and who is able to answer any questions you may have.

Our first aid courses include:
· Emergency First Aid at Work
· First Aid at Work
· Outdoor First Aid
· Paediatric First Aid
· Defibrillator training

Book a course with Redkite Training Solutions TODAY and gain a skill that could save a life.
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