Redkite Training Solutions Lifesaving Skill

Redkite Training Solutions Lifesaving Skill

Redkite Training Solutions Lifesaving Skill

Want to learn a lifesaving skill? Redkite Training Solutions offers first aid training whether for your work or personal needs. Who knows, you could help save a life.

First aid saves lives
First aid is a life skill that everyone should have some understanding of and it is not that difficult to learn. Many deaths may have been prevented had first aid been carried out before the arrival of the emergency medical services.

Research has shown that people in the UK lack the confidence or skills to provide basic first aid in an emergency situation. This can lead to unnecessary deaths and life changing conditions for some people. First Aid is a skill that should be taught from an early age and should be practised on a regular basis.

Redkite Training Solutions Lifesaving Skill – What can I learn?

There are lots of first aid skills you can learn, from being able to help someone who is having a heart attack to being able to react to someone choking. There are so many first aid scenarios that training can help you to become more confident to be able to deal with them in a competent way.

Could you:
· Turn someone who is breathing but unconscious into a position that ensures that they can continue to breath and not get worse?
· Treat someone with a deep cut to their head?
· Carry out CPR on someone who is in cardiac arrest?

Redkite Training Solutions Lifesaving Skill – How can I learn?

First Aid is a practical skill and in our opinion the best way to learn it is with a qualified trainer who can take you through at your own pace and who is able to answer any questions you may have.

Our first aid courses include:
· Emergency First Aid at Work
· First Aid at Work
· Outdoor First Aid
· Paediatric First Aid
· Defibrillator training

Book a course with Redkite Training Solutions TODAY and gain a skill that could save a life.
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First Aid Training in Reading

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First Aid Training in Reading and Berkshire

Redkite Training Solutions: Solving Your First Aid Training in Reading and Berkshire

Redkite Training Solutions:

Solving Your First Aid Training in Reading and Berkshire

Redkite Training Solutions offers First Aid Training in Reading and Berkshire.  We deliver high-quality First Aid training programmes specifically designed to help you become fully compliant with Health and Safety regulations.   Our specialist team of trainers are chosen for their experience as medics whether front line ambulance or working in the events industry.

We specialise in delivering on-site first aid training solutions in the Reading and Berkshire area but also offer open courses at out training venue in Sindlesham near Reading for those people who may have a smaller business or for individuals needing first aid training.

Redkite Training Solutions meets the requirements as set down by the Health and Safety for a training provider.   We also meet the requirements for the Governments skills for health agenda.

Our courses are engaging and fun, ensuring that each person who attends feels confident with the first aid skills they have developed or refreshed.

First Aid Training in Reading – Courses available include:

  • Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day)
  • First Aid at Work (3 Days)
  • First Aid at Work Refresher (2 days)
  • Paediatric (2 days) (meets the requirements of OFSTED)
  • Emergency Paediatric (1 day)
  • Basic Life Support (3 hours)
  • Anaphylaxis training
  • AED Training
  • Sports First Aid
  • Outdoor First Aid (16 hours)

This is what some of our clients say about our first aid training in Reading

I’ve utilised the services of Redkite Training Solutions a number of times. Initially to deliver first aid training courses to volunteers at a youth charity I was running: I was especially pleased that the Trainer was willing to also cover areas that were specifically relevant to our needs (mainly regarding how to deal with potential horse riding accidents). More recently I introduced the company to my latest employer where a number of colleagues sat the one day first aid training course. On every occasion, the feedback from staff and volunteers has been extremely positive and everyone has appeared to remain engaged and enthused throughout their respective courses. I have no hesitation in recommending Redkite Training Solutions to others and will continue to use them myself.  Jackie Bryans

We have employed Redkite Training Solutions to deliver our 16 Hour Outdoor First Aid Courses for a number of years and cannot fault the service. All of our staff have commented on how friendly the trainers are and how the course is concise, engaging and informative. Highly recommend.  Jennifer Butler

I wasn’t looking forwards to doing my first aid course as I have been a first aider for nearly 30 years and have found the recent courses a bit dull.  Well this one was awesome and I learnt new stuff and had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days. The trainer was very good and great fun and this made the course so enjoyable.  My next update will be with these guys again Andrew Jackson

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Adrian Barker

Redkite Training Solutions

94 Bedfordshire Way
Reading ,Berks
RG41 3BA
United Kingdom
First Aid Training in Reading

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Defibrillator Training

Redkite Training Solutions are ahead of the HSE changes in defibrillator training due to take effect in December 2016.

According to recent statistics, 2.3 million people suffer some type of cardiac related health issue within the UK[1]. Unlike the common misconception, one does not have to be in poor health to have such issues arise. Those which are considered to be in “prime” health can suffer from such conditions from high blood pressure to cardiac arrest. It has been suggested that 1 out of every 6 men have a condition related to the heart. Due to the number of heart related illnesses and deaths (which is estimated around 73,000 persons a year) caused throughout the UK the HSE is implementing mandatory defibrillator training for any employer or employees who fulfil a workplace first aider role.

What is a defibrillator?

Many people have seen the commercialised and Hollywood version of a defibrillator. These machines are not what the AED Defibrillator looks like at all. Yes, there are some models which can become complex and the model that you chose may not be the same as those pictured in this article. However, for the most part the AED device is much smaller and far less complicated. The reason is so the first aider can administer such in an emergency without the requirement of a supportive staff. A person that is administering an AED Defibrillator is not concerned with readings and data, they are concerned with getting the heart started while they wait on the emergency services to arrive and professionally stabilise the person who has suffered from the attack.

The Defibrillator is a tool which delivers an electric pulse to the body in the event of cardiac arrest. The machine is composed of two pads and a power source normally a battery so that it is portable. The Defibrillator works by building up a charge. The charge is then transferred to the pads, a transfer charge button is then pressed or the device may be fully automatic.

Typically, the emergency devices will have a pictorial instruction manual for the user to show the proper placement of the paddles. The point of the AED Defibrillator is to provide a quick and intuitive device to save lives.

Why is training needed if the device is intuitive?

Apart from proper usage, those trained need to be able to recognize the signs that a person may be suffering from a cardiac arrest or a similar heart condition. By being able to spot such situations, emergency aid can be delivered to the individual before the Defibrillator is needed. As the first aider’s job is to prevent and protect life, this is a vital part of any companies training. It is far better to assist a person which may be experiencing the symptoms leading up to cardiac arrest than to try to get  that same person’s heart and breathing started back with a defibrillator and CPR.

A defibrillator is intended to shock the heart. As such, it is not a tool which should be used haphazardly.  Granted, those which are in a crises situation have the best intentions towards the person which has gone into cardiac arrest.  A defibrillator training course will show you how to apply the pads, understand the safety elements surrounding the use of the AED and more importantly allow you to practice using one in a supportive and confidence building environment.

Redkite Training Solutions offers Defibrillator Training

Redkite Training Solutions, a leader in First Aid, Health, and safety Training in the Reading, Berks and Thames Valley, offers a defibrillator training course. This training meets the requirements which will take place December 2016. To find the specific changes which will take effect, please read the recommendations from the Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK).

Where many businesses have implemented AED devices into their facilities as an emergency tool, training is still needed to ensure the proper use, especially from those facilitating the first aider in the workplace.

The NHS have produced a Defibrillator Awareness Film which can be viewed here.

Redkite Training Solutions offers a 3-hour defibrillator training course which focuses on not only the proper usage of the AED devices but also:

  • Treatment of an unconscious casualty
  • CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)
  • Heart Attacks and Angina
  • Introduction to AED

Don’t have a defibrillator on site then buy one from us and get the training for free.

The deal is for a Lifepak CR Plus defibrillator these devices are:

  • Simple to use
  • Simple to Own
  • Simple to Maintain

The cost is £1100 inclusive.  Please contact us for further details.

fire awareness course

Why your business needs to take a fire safety training course

Employees must have fire safety training. Ensure you get your course from the right place

In 2006 the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 was implemented requiring fire safety training to enforcing authorities. And where the enforcement is primarily oriented to the Fire and Emergency sector, any business of all genres are responsible to some level. The order states that training needs to be given in areas where fire precaution equipment is present. As all businesses are required to have some form of fire prevention measures in place, you can see how a fire course is a necessity for all. Whether you are an organization of several employees, or a self-employer who has five employees, it is your responsibility and duty to your employees and patrons to understand proper fire safety.

Why is a fire course needed?

Emergencies have a tendency to cause people to respond in rash ways. According to H. Barlow of Boston University[1], crippling fear is caused when our minds give an overreaction to the events of daily life. Because of Pyrophobia people “are unable to tolerate even well-controlled small fires and often exhibit physical symptoms, like dizziness when coming in contact with fire.”[2] The resulting consequences of this fear is an increase in injury and death. By training employees and those enforcing the fire safety of an establishment, the margin for injury and/or death from fire is dramatically reduced.

Fire Awareness Course

Article 8 of the Regulatory Reform states that the workplaces are to access the likelihood of a fire and to ensure that general fire precautions are in place to ensure safety. These precautions are inclusive Fire Awareness training. Article 21 states that any business which has more than 5 employees must ensure that the employees “are provided with adequate training and record this”. Training must be conducted by persons which Comply to the Fire Risk Assessment Supplementary Guide: Means of Escape for Disabled People.

Fire Awareness courses should cover the basics of how to be competent in basic fire safety matters. Courses typically include:

  • Current Legislation
  • Basic Fire Prevention
  • Fire Hazards
  • Evacuation in the event of a fire
  • Duties of a competent (enforcing) person

In order to be compliant with the fire safety course regulations, courses should be span two hours consecutively. Content is likely to vary depending on the type of business and the persons which are involved in the course. However, all fire awareness courses should at minimum cover the topics listed above. If smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are not covered in your course, employers should strongly consider having a training course on the topic to increase fire safety awareness.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Where evacuation and a basic understanding is needed in a business, the ability to properly use a fire extinguisher is a critical bit of training for every employee. In order to ensure that employees understand the proper use of this piece of fire safety equipment, it recommended (and If applicable to your business it may be required) that employers train employees in the proper handling and use of fire extinguishers. As fires vary in their makeup (meaning that a gas fire is different than a grease fire or electrical fire) focus should also be given to the proper extinguishers to use in different classes of fires.

Fire Marshall / Warden Training

Organisations and companies which require the presence of an enforcing authority for their business must comply with the standards of Fire Safety Order 2005. Fire Marshal and Warden Training is the most encompassing of the fire safety courses available. These classes are 3 hours in duration and cover Fire Awareness, Fire Extinguisher Training, as well as the other points specified in the Regulatory Reform such as having suitably trained staff, a fire evacuation plan, removing fire hazards, and detecting potential fire risks.

Use Redkite Training Solutions to meet your training needs

If your business currently needs a record of Fire Training Safety or if you’re training has expired and you need to renew your safety training, consider Redkite Training Solutions. The staff of Redkite ensures that all of their courses cover the standards set forth in the Fire Safety Order 2005. Where the various classes offered cover different levels of training, you can be confident in knowing that the course you choose will be taught by someone that is creditable and recognized as being an authority on the subject. At the end of the course, you will receive the corresponding record for your business/employees.

To find out more information about the Fire Safety Training offered by Redkite Training Solutions, visit the Fire Safety Section of the Site or contact them directly at 0800 756 9414.



health and safety training courses

First Aid Requirements

First Aid Requirements : Ensure that your first aid training meets the requirements for Health and Safety with a course from Redkite Training Solutions

As a business, your goal is to strive to have the necessary requirements met for your employees. Professions such as healthcare, childcare, restaurants, as well as certain public services require a level of first aid training be offered to employees. It is therefore critical that when choosing a training provider that you choose one who meets the new requirements of Health and Safety Executive and the skills for health agenda. Before choosing a First Aid Requirements course provider, consider the following points.

What qualifications does the trainer possess?

The first question that you must address is if the trainer is qualified to teach. Just because a person claims to have the skills to provide first aid at work training, does not necessarily mean that the person has the minimum requirements set forth by the HSE and skills for health to provide that service. According to the Health and Safety Executive report on Selecting a first-aid training provider, trainers must:

  • Have FAW certification


  • Be registered as a Doctor with the GMC
  • Have registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • Have registration with the HCPC

Trainers must be able to present evidence of registration and competency in their field through appropriate certifications including not only education training but experience certification and credits. Level 3 – 5 Educational and Training certification is ideal as well as nursing mentorship qualifications.  All trainers used by Redkite meet these requirements and more.

Does the course duration meet the required hours?

There are two different types of first aid courses which are typically provided and knowing which you require is essential in ensuring that you are getting the proper training. These two options are:

  1. First Aid at Work – this training is a bit more complex than the emergency first aid at work course. The training required for a First Aid at Work course is a minimum of 18 hours spread out over a minimum of 3 days. Note that requalification is reduced to 12 hours but must be offered over the course of two days minimum. Any provider that claims to be able to recertify or provide First Aid at Work training in a one-day span of time is doing so in error. Such does not meet the requirements and such facilities and trainers should be avoided.
  1. Emergency First Aid at Work – Training in this course covers the basics needed for a business to operate with first aid training (such as CPR training). The course does not go into as much depth as the First aid at work course and as such does not require nearly as much time to complete. However, there is a minimum of 6 hours to the course. EFAW training courses can be renewed with a day course, but the requirements are the same.

What material will be covered in my training course?

Just as important as the type of course, is the quality of the information which is being provided. Your course must cover the appropriate topics depending on whether you choose to have a FAW or a EFAW training course. In EFAW training the learner should be able to understand the responsibilities of the first aider, be able to assess an incident, manage an unresponsive casualty who is breathing normally and one that is not breathing normally, respond to choking, administer control of external bleeding, recognize and administer first aid to a person in shock, and provide first aid for minor injuries. FAW training should cover all of the points of EFAW with the addition of being able to do head to toe surveys of a casualty, administer first aid for fractures, treat head and spinal injuries, treat chest injuries, administer first aid to burns and scalds, administer first aid to eye injuries, identify and treat poisoning, treat anaphylaxis, and provide first aid for major illnesses and injury.

What will my Certificate contain?

Once you have completed your training, you should get certification that meets the standard of the HSE. Certification should include:

  • The name of the training organisation (Such as Redkite Training Solutions)
  • The name of the candidate
  • The title of the qualification (either FAW or EFAW)
  • Affirmation that the certificate has been issued to comply with the Health and Safety First Aid Regulations 1981
  • Confirm that the certification is only valid for 3 years (have an expiration date present on the certificate)
  • Have a statement declaring that the course met the standards set forth for accepted first-aid practices

Redkite Training Solutions meets and exceeds HSE standards

If you are in the Berkshire area and need to obtain training in either First Aid at Work training or Emergency First Aid at Work training, please consider Redkite Training Solutions. Our trainers and our course has been designed to meet and exceed the regulations for first aid training. All of our classes have a maximum size of 1 trainer to 12 delegates, 1 CPR training manikin to 3 delegates and meets the recommended 18 hour course (for First aid at work training).

For access to the HSE due diligence requirements, please click here.

The course content document and further information on our EFAW and FAW courses, please click here

Please download the Course Overview

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